CreateTruth Productions was founded by playwright Lorene Stanwick and Doug Hennessy. Their mandate is to develop works that dig below the surface of mental health and addiction issues, explore root causes, and tell stories that reflect the creative and varied ways that people survive trauma. They believe theatre and the arts are a vital force for creating social awareness and driving social change. Broken Branches is their inaugural production.

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CreateTruth Team

Lorene Stanwick
Lorene Stanwick

Playwright, Producer, Co-Founder of CreateTruth Productions

Playwright Lorene Stanwick is also a counsellor, actor, educator – and now, theatre producer and assistant director. A member, instructor, and the 2017-18 Theatre Artist-in-Residence of Workman Arts, Lorene has a B.A. in Drama-in-Education, a B.Ed. in English and Drama, and an M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology. Acting, ongoing training, developing drama programs are her roots; counselling training and experience, and continued trauma research offer insight and understanding. Together, they provide a unique perspective into the transformative potential of theatre and storytelling.

    Doug Hennessy
    Doug Hennessy

    Producer, Co-Founder of CreateTruth Productions

    Doug is an accomplished HR executive with over 25 years of business experience gained in both senior corporate human resources leadership roles and as a senior consultant/advisor. He retired from TMX Group in 2014 and founded CreateTruth Productions with Lorene Stanwick. A musician and creative problem-solver, he understands the power of connection and art. Broken Branches is their inaugural production.


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